Hunting The Last Wild Places Yellowstone Country Release Promotion

Last Wild Places: Yellowstone Country

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    Last Wild Places: Yellowstone Country

    The Last Wild Places, Yellowstone Country is the second film in our series on hunting in the last wild places in America. In this film, we tell a story through a backcountry, backpack hunt deep into the wilderness about what it means to hunt in a landscape that was quite literally the hunting grounds for people going back thousands of years. It is a place rich in human, wildlife and conservation history. It was market hunting in yellowstone in the 1800's that spawned the modern day system of protected public lands we have in the United States, and it is a story of success that today we can still hunt this wild landscape and experience what it was like hundreds of years ago.

    Follow us along on our journey as we archery hunt rutting bull elk in this wild landscape and experience what it is like to hunt in this iconic American landscape.