Game Bag Care and Washing

If taken care of properly, our ultralight game bags can be used many times. Cleaning your game bags is simple and easy and can be done following these few steps.  

Washing Your Game Bags

  1. Remove as much hair and meat as you can that are stuck to the game bags. This is easily done outside with a hose, or by soaking the bags for 1 minute in water as the meat and hair will separate easily once the fabric saturates with water. 

  2. Rinse your bags under a faucet or in a bucket with just water until you get most of the blood out. The vast majority of the blood will easily come out with clean water. For stubborn chunks of meat, let the bags soak in a bucket four a couple of minutes and they will easily separate.

  3. In a bucket or sink, mix a solution of Dawn dish soap or unscented laundry detergent (arm and hammer works well) with cold water. Submerge your game bags into the bucket, stir them around and let them soak for 10 minutes. 

  4. Rinse bags with clean water until the soap is out of the game bags. 

  5. Put your bags back in a bucket with water and a solution of hydrogen peroxide to dissinfect and help whiten the bags, but do not let them soak for more than 10 minutes as hydrogen peroxide can eat away at the fabric and thread. It helps to put hydrogen peroxide directly on any blood stains to remove nagging stains.

  6. Rinse with cold water until clean.

  7. Hang your bags to air dry. 

  8. Put game bags away and start dreaming of your next hunt.

Cleaning Tips

  • Do not wash bags in your washing machine. It can cause the reflective logos to come off, particularly if you have a center agitator washing machine. For best product life, wash in a bucket as described above. We will not warranty bags that have been through the washing machine.
  • If your bags have some hair and dried chunks of meat on them, it will be much easier to get both off after the bags have soaked in water for a minute.
  • If you want your bags to be as white as possible, use hydrogen peroxide to get out nagging stains. If stains persist, you may have to wash with peroxide multiple times.
  • Over soaking game bags in hydrogen peroxide will deteriorate and weaken the fabric. Use with caution. 
  • Always air dry your game bags.